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Looking for reliable staff?

We assist with permanent, contracting and short term recruitment for healthcare staff, executive, management, registered nurses, carers, hospitality, admin and maintenance search.

We find good people with kind hearts who are trained and qualified to deliver the care you need. We train our employees to care about your workplace and to be accountable. We educate and up-skill our team so that you are getting quality staff. We interview, reference check and obtain all regulatory required documentation. 

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission - At Be Found, our commitment is to create a world where every individual, regardless of age or ability, thrives in a nurturing and inclusive environment. We are dedicated to empowering those we serve by providing compassionate and personalized care that enhances the quality of life, fosters independence, and promotes a sense of belonging. Our mission is to instil hope and provide support, empowering individuals to live life to their fullest potential.

Our Vision - At Be Found, our vision is to be a globally esteemed and renowned organisation, celebrated for our commitment to creating opportunities that empower individuals and communities. We are dedicated to fostering a positive work-life balance, where every member of our team thrives both personally and professionally. Furthermore, we aspire to actively engage in and support causes close to our hearts, contributing to positive change in society. At our core, we aim to cultivate a culture of optimism, where a positive mindset is not just encouraged but embraced as the driving force behind our collective success and the betterment of the world we touch.

Someone is looking for you!

Call us crazy but we believe you can have your cake and eat it too. We help people find their inner purpose and mission. Create your perfect work-life balance. We let people be themselves and embrace cultural diversity. We’re passionate about changing the lives of our candidates and our clients.

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Exceptional Customer Service

We offer personalised interactions and communication with our clients and customers. We offer a 24/7 customer support system to assist customers whenever you need help.

Employee Well-being

We prioritize the well-being of our employees and encourage professional development and career growth opportunities because believe it matters when delivering quality service.

Service Quality

We Continuously look at how we can improve the quality of our services and conduct regular quality checks and seek customer feedback to identify areas for improvement.

We Go Above
and Beyond

Customisation and Personalisation

We Tailor our services to individual customer preferences. We recognise that not all services and needs are the same and that’s the Be Found way.

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